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Below you will find links and short descriptions of different parts of the documentation. If you are new to X3DOM, we recommend to read the Getting Started guide first.

Getting Started

How do I get an X3DOM example up and running on my server? How can I test X3DOM applications on my local machine? And which version of X3DOM is best suited for my purposes? You will find answers to questions like this in the Getting Started guide.


The X3DOM tutorials are one of the best ways to get familiar with X3DOM and its most important Nodes.

Scene Author API documentation

X3DOM, based on the ISO Standard X3D, is build around the concepts of individual Nodes inside a scenegraph. Node descriptions are placed in the HTML document (or included via the inline tag), as regular XML / HTML elements that have attributes, so-called fields. This way, you can build impressive 3D applications and, at the same time, write only a minimal amount of code, or even no code at all. The Scene Author API documentation provides a list of all nodes that are currently available in X3DOM, along with detailed field descriptions for each node.

Developer API Documentation

In contrast to the Scene Author API documentation, which provides you with information about the nodes and fields available in X3DOM, the Developer API Documentation goes one step further: Here, you will also find descriptions of X3DOM's internal JavaScript functions. This API is intended for developers of new nodes and components.

External Documentation Resources

Since X3DOM is partly based on the ISO standard X3D, you may also consider X3D-related documentation resources.

Beyond this Documentation: Getting Help and Reporting Issues

If you have already browsed this online documentation resources, but still don't find what you're looking for, you might want to post a question to the X3DOM community. To do so, post your message to one of the following mailing lists:

If you think that you might have discovered a bug or something is not working as expected / described, first browse the X3DOM GitHub page for matching issues. If you don't discover the issue you ran into, feel free to create a new one.

Old documentation resources

If you are interested in the old documentation resources, created for x3dom versions older than 1.6, please visit http://x3dom.org/docs-old/.