Welcome to the X3DOM Developer API Documentation! This documentation package provides extensive information about the X3DOM-internal JavaScript functionality. If you are looking for deeper insight into the internals of X3DOM, or if you want to contribute to the ongoing development, this is the right place to start. If you are just interested in the X3DOM Scene Author API, which acts as X3DOM's general Application Programming Interface, the Scene Author API documentation might be what you are looking for.


This API documentation is automatically generated during a nightly build process, using the latest available code from the X3DOM development branch. It is therefore intended for use with this branch of X3DOM.
Please note that the X3DOM API documentation project started during the development of version 1.6, therefore there is unfortunately no such documentation available for older versions of X3DOM. However, the X3DOM team will provide a proper snapshot of this documentation for each upcoming release.


There are several ways to find what you are looking for:

In this context, classes represent all JavaScript classes used by X3DOM, including node types. In contrast to the Scene Author API documentation, this Developer API documentation also lists JavaScript methods, as well as properties of nodes that are not represented as fields, and therefore not part of the DOM API.