Class: OrthoViewpoint

X3D: 3.3
Component: Navigation

x3dom.nodeTypes. OrthoViewpoint

The OrthoViewpoint node defines a viewpoint that provides an orthographic view of the scene. An orthographic view is one in which all projectors are parallel to the projector from centerOfRotation to position.

HTML Encoding and Default Values

<OrthoViewpoint bind='false' centerOfRotation='0,0,0' description='""' fieldOfView='[-1,-1,1,1]' isActive='false' metadata='X3DMetadataObject' orientation='0,0,0,1' position='0,0,10' zFar='10000' zNear='0.1' ></OrthoViewpoint>




Constructor for OrthoViewpoint

Name Type Argument Default Description
ctx Object <optional>
null context object, containing initial settings like namespace


These are the X3D / X3DOM fields of this node. Values should usually be received / set as strings via DOM functions (i.e., using setAttribute("myFieldName", "myFieldValue") and getAttribute("myFieldName")).
Name Type Default Value Range Inheritance Standard Description
bind SFBool false X3DBindableNode Pushes/pops the node on/from the top of the bindable stack
centerOfRotation SFVec3f 0,0,0 centerOfRotation point relates to NavigationInfo EXAMINE mode.
description SFString "" X3DBindableNode Description of the bindable node
fieldOfView MFFloat [-1,-1,1,1] The fieldOfView field specifies minimum and maximum extents of the view in units of the local coordinate system
isActive SFBool false X3DBindableNode
metadata SFNode X3DMetadataObject X3DNode Field to add metadata information
orientation SFRotation 0,0,0,1 [-1, 1] or [-inf, inf] Rotation (axis, angle in radians) of Viewpoint, relative to default -Z axis direction in local coordinate system. Hint: this is orientation _change_ from default direction (0 0 -1). Hint: complex rotations can be accomplished axis-by-axis using parent Transforms.
position SFVec3f 0,0,10 Position (x, y, z in meters) relative to local coordinate system.
zFar SFFloat 10000 z-far position; used for clipping
zNear SFFloat 1 z-near position; used for clipping